These are courses designed to train the youth in their personal growth development, help them discover their potentials, learn new and develop latent skills, renew their minds through relevant reading and mentoring, and prepare them for the future and career. The program is targeted at people between the ages of 12 and 25 years, with much focus on Junior and Senior High School graduates awaiting their results into tertiary education.

The training program teaches personal growth and human capacity development subjects that are not actively taught in school, this is to supplement the education curriculum we have in Ghana and prepare the youth for life. We have mentors who closely guide participants in their growth journey.

Subjects the programme covers include;

  1. Purpose and Discovering It
  2. Personal Growth Development
  3. Discovering and Developing Your Potential and Skills
  4. Soft Skills Development
  5. Leadership
  6. Branding and Personal Grooming
  7. Knowing Your Value, Worth, and Relationships
  8. Personal Finance Management
  9. Business and Entrepreneurship
  10. Career Planning and Development

Each subject has a well-developed curriculum and structure that covers all areas of the subject. It is our hope that after the student has been extensively taken through these courses and closely mentored, in addition the normal education/school curriculum, the youth with be prepared for life.

Why This Programme?

There is the need to prepare, educate, and groom the youth with skills and knowledge relevant for life and career aside the academic qualifications, hence a practical training and learning program on personal growth and human capacity development is the best solution to prepare the youth for the future. You will need a soft skill and knowledge that years of schooling will not provide and that is the gap we want to fill.

We run both online and onsite training. Click here to sign up for the courses and create your own online course.